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Finding a reliable content writing company is essential to effective content marketing. This service, in turn, is essential to building and maintaining effective SEO strategies, which translates into increased sales. Virtual Digital Marketing’s expert team has the solution you need.

What is Content Writing?

Content marketing aims to build relationships with potential customers instead of creating a sales pitch, as with copy-writing. Here, the customer learns to trust the brand, lending credibility to its products. It also positions the brand as an expert in its industry, further bolstering trust and credibility. Content marketing can be seen as a free value-added service, helping potential customers make better decisions in various aspects of their lives.

Content writing companies assist their clients by providing and curating well-researched information that the reader finds valuable, honest, and relevant. This approach positions the brand as an ambassador for the relevant topic, fostering a more meaningful relationship with the reader and potential customer. When a customer reaches out to your company based on effective content marketing, it forms a solid platform to build a sales pitch.

Content writing forms an ongoing process that changes and enhances customer behaviour to grow sales volume and revenue when implemented effectively. This approach is best implemented as part of an overall marketing strategy where the company owns media and steers its brand narrative intentionally.

As a content writing company well-versed in SEO best practices, Virtual Digital ensures that all content is optimized along SEO guidelines. These guidelines ensure that the website appears at the top of Google search results, thus generating more traffic and increasing sales.

Content Writing

Benefits of Content Marketing

There are various benefits of having an effective content marketing strategy in place. Here are the most common ones:

Improved SEO

Content drives SEO by creating natural inbound links, providing keyword-rich pages, and generating organic traffic to a brand’s website. Websites that regularly publish high-quality, engaging and authoritative content are rewarded with higher rankings in search results, while those that don’t are penalized. Visit our SEO services page for more information on SEO and related benefits.

Without good quality content, a website becomes stagnant and relegated to the second page of Google search results. This page is often toted as the best place to hide a dead body, and with good reason – no one will ever find it!

Generate Sales Leads

As content marketing improves SEO, website visits improve in quality and scale. This improvement means more people are visiting your website, which is more likely to translate into sales since they landed on your page through targeted searches. These factors conspire to increase sales and thus improve the company’s revenue.

For this reason, investing in content marketing offers a significant return on investment, and successful brands swear by it.

Improved Content Quality

Many professionals struggle to create engaging, high-quality content since this is not their area of expertise. Outsourcing content creation to a professional content writing company ensures the content is engaging, original, and high-quality. Since Google’s search algorithm rewards high-quality content, this further aids in improving SEO.

Expand Capacity

Outsourcing all or part of its content creation to a content writing company expands the company’s capacity to create high-quality content. Here, a team of content writers can work together, producing far more content than a small (often one-person) in-house content marketing team can. This approach enables scalability since hiring additional content writers further increases the team’s capabilities.

Why Use Virtual Digital?

Creating high-quality content is essential in implementing an effective content marketing strategy. However, few professionals have the skills needed to create this type of content, and developing an in-house content marketing division is potentially costly and often ineffective.

Enter Virtual Digital is an experienced content writing company. Their expert team can develop content effectively to boost your brand’s prominence and visibility. This content is aligned with SEO best practices, growing the brand’s visibility and footprint.

Outsourcing all or a part of your content marketing to an experienced content writing company frees up time for in-house staff to focus on other tasks, supplementing in-house capacity. It also improves content quality since professional writers are far more effective at crafting well-thought-through and engaging content.

As an experienced content writing company, Virtual Digital ensures that all content is 100% original, high-quality, and in line with SEO best practices.

The Virtual Digital Content Journey

As an experienced content writing company, Virtual Digital Marketing’s expert team walks you through the content creation process. Start this journey by booking a consultation as part of an SEO journey or as content writing.

The first step in this process is determining your brand’s “voice”, or what you want to sound like. With this in mind, complete the one-page content order form to indicate your requirements. Things we need to create high-quality content successfully include

Desired word count
Whether research is included
Any other notes or guidelines

Keyword research can be done as part of our SEO package. Virtual Digital’s team of content writers can produce various types of content including.After content writing comes Web Design.

Blogs and Landing pages
Social media posts
Press releases and Articles
Content Writing

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