Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC)

There are many advantages of pay per click advertising. Effective PPC (Pay per click) campaigns increase a company’s visibility and traffic to its website. The process is potentially complex, though, and hiring professional PPC services is best to ensure effective results

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising involves purchasing advertising space on a website and paying that website for each visitor who clicks on the advert. This model is a quantifiable way of measuring an advertising campaign’s effectiveness, which is one of the many advantages of pay per click advertising.

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

There are several advantages of pay per click advertising. Here are the most prominent:


One of the advantages of pay per click advertising is that its models collect information about user behaviour, making the advertising campaign’s performance measurable. Data collected include the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions received. This information enables marketing teams to optimise the advertising campaign, ensuring optimal results.


Measurable data can be optimised and customised. Thus, marketing managers can customise the data-driven PPC model to reach target audiences more effectively and in real time, which is one of the advantages of pay per click advertising.

A good PPC strategy creates multiple versions of the same advertisement, measuring their effectiveness in real time. This knowledge then lends itself to optimisation, maximising the effect of the most effective version.


One of the main advantages of pay per click advertising is that the models allow companies to reach highly specific target audiences. Here, adverts are aimed at specific demographics, including language, location, and even the device used to view the ad. Companies can determine when and where their ads are displayed, ensuring that the target audience is reached effectively.

Cost Effective

With pay per click, you only pay the advertiser for your site visits. This differs from other advertising models, where you pay a set fee for displaying the advert. Here, you’re not guaranteed that the advertising campaign is generating results, which decreases its effectiveness. One of the advantages of pay per click advertising is that it allows you only to pay when people click on your advertisement, there is a direct link between cost and performance.

The PPC approach allows for tight control of the advertising budget. Here, users can set a maximum budget per day. Once this threshold is reached, the add is no longer displayed, ensuring that the advertising campaign remains within the set budget.

Fast Results

PPC ads are measured and optimised in real time. This factor translates into fast results, where marketers can monitor their campaign’s effectiveness in real time. They can see their campaign results quickly, whether site visits convert into sales or not.

Why Use Virtual Digital?

There are various pitfalls in the PPC process, and having experienced professionals managing the process minimises the risk of succumbing to these pitfalls.
Effective PPC campaigns require a considerable time investment to monitor and optimise them in real time. Our dedicated PPC team does this for you. When PPC campaigns aren’t effectively monitored and optimised, costs quickly add up, and ROI decreases. PPC also requires a particular skill set that most people outside the industry don’t possess. Virtual Digital’s team has the experience and skills to minimise costs and maximise ROI to optimise the campaigns.

Pay Per Click Services

The Virtual Digital Content Journey

Virtual Digital’s experienced team understands the nuances of PPC models and associated campaigns. Armed with this knowledge, we’ve created a process that ensures effective PPC campaigns. Here are the steps followed.

Keyword Research And Analysis

SEO Keyword research and analysis are essential to kick off a PPC advertising campaign. This information ensures that the advertisement is displayed in the correct context, increasing the potential conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the percentage of site visits that culminate in a sale.

PPC Campaign Setup

Armed with the knowledge gained through keyword research, our team is ready to set up a PPC campaign. This process includes determining the target demographic, choosing where, when and how the campaign will be displayed, and the budget.

Setting a limit on the campaign budget ensures that costs incurred are within the company’s means. Once these aspects are in place, the campaign is launched.

Tracking And Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring are essential aspects of successful PPC marketing. Our experienced team monitors the campaign’s results in real-time, optimising the process to ensure the most effective results. This optimisation process increases the return on investment (ROI), leading to the maximum number of conversions.

Traffic And Click-Through

Experienced PPC campaign managers monitor and optimise traffic and click-through rate. These statistics refer to the number of site visits where the PPC ad is displayed compared to the click-through rate. In short, they understand that not every person visiting a site will click on their ad.

Suppose the percentage of site visitors clicking on their ad (click-through rate) is low. In that case, the advert should probably be displayed on a different site or in a different position. If the click-through rate is high, many people who see the ad are intrigued enough to click on it, indicating a successful campaign.

Remarketing Campaign

Some people visiting your website through a PPC campaign will immediately convert that visit into a sale. However, most site visits don’t immediately convert into successful sales. Remarketing is the process of enticing those unconverted site visitors to revisit your website and hopefully purchase a service or product.

Virtual Digital’s PPC journey includes launching effective remarketing campaigns to maximise ROI for their customers.

Display Advertising Campaigns

Display advertising is the method of displaying company information visually, typically in the form of banner ads, mobile popups and onsite ads. When managed correctly, these are highly effective at generating high-quality site visits that will likely result in sales. Here, Virtual Digital’s PPC team partners with the graphic design team to create memorable visuals that entice visitors to click on the ad.

Pay Per Click Services

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